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Comparing loans is becoming easier and easier in Brazil. You need money, what’s the first thought? Enter the internet and try to find sites that do this heavy work for us. So let’s compare loans! Actually applying for a loan may seem like a challenge depending on the value and your borrower profile. You already know that you need personal loans and this extra money will help, but there are so many types of modalities to choose from and in many cases it is difficult to understand all the terms of the contract and the CET, TR, insurance, etc.

This is where we enter, we are comparators, we can say that yes, and in fact few credit comparators actually do this work for real. In most cases we have credit companies, bank and financial fintechs and websites that give relevant or non relevant information about loans. The Seresa eCred – Loan Comparator might be a comparison site that exposes information directly to your screen in a clear and transparent way, but we will still need to see the development of that platform in a complete way.

Usually the sites to compare loans consult different types of modalities, from personal loans, loans with guarantee of real estate and automobiles, to loans to negatives with dirty name, that is, with bad credit. If the applicant is restricted, do not expect an amount much higher than $ 7,000 or even rarely more than that. For lenders, the most important thing is to ensure that you can pay the monthly installments – and if you can not honor the commitment, extra penalties will apply that will make the debt much larger.

Why compare loans on websites?

 Why compare loans on websites?


We are here to help you compare some information on loans and financing in general. The point is that in the initial simulation the comparison is easy to use, it will show the amounts of the loans you want according to your interest, that is, based on how much you want to borrow , how much time, or your monthly budget can pay.

It is worth remembering that every time you are refused on a loan application, this can affect your credit rating and will appear the bank and financial consultant who tried to lend you. We recommend that you only apply for loans that you are sure will be accepted.


What types of loans to compare?


 What types of loans to compare?


Personal Loans : Also known as an unsecured loan, this transaction is based only on your personal circumstances, such as how much you earn, employment and your monthly expenses.

Loans with collateral : it is a modality that to be eligible this type of loan uses your property, be it a real estate or a vehicle as a loan guarantee. In this transaction it pays to be well aware of what you want to do, if you can not honor your repayments, your home or vehicle is at risk of being taken over by your lender.

Paycheck Loan : This form of credit also known as (consignment credit) is a loan with indirect payment, that is, the installments are deducted directly from the payroll of the person who took the loan. It can be obtained from banks or financial institutions whose duration should not exceed 96 months.


What is the amount of the loan released?


There is no fixed amount to be approved, the amount released in each type of loan is defined by the borrower’s ability to pay and the credit policies of each modality and its terms. These amounts can start at R $ 500 reais and end up with more than R $ 250,000 reais. When released are already including rates and interest over the period in which the loan is contracted.


What is the payment term?


 What is the payment term?


The repayment term varies between personal loans, payroll loans and secured loan. Generally, the term offered for personal loans is between 6 months 96 months. Secured loans are generally offered for a longer period, ranging from 12 to 300 months *. You should check with your chosen credit provider for the return terms they offer before proceeding with your order.


What Is Credit Check?


 What Is Credit Check?

Once you have compared your loan and want to hire , the lender will perform a credit check as part of the application process. They do this to gauge how likely it is that you can pay the money you lend and how your CPF walks with other lenders.

Credit analysis involves requesting some information from the protection agencies to get records about you, whether you make late payments, whether you have missed payments in full, or filed in a registry office against you.

Depending on your credit data, this can certainly affect the amount you want to borrow and also with the exact terms of your loan (for example, the interest rate may go up or down).

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